Thursday, March 20, 2014

Off IVs

K is off IVs and we are recovering at home over break. K will see his doc in April at his next check up. His weight is our main focus right now as he is at least 10 pounds under what Dr C wants. His lung function is at 43-50% and we are praying it goes up and it's not permanent. We will work on weight and exercise to try to improve his Pfts.
We are getting ready to list the house and we are praying it sells fast! Dave is applying for jobs and we are getting things figured out to move this summer. Please pray for all the details to work out! 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Team Kaleb Shirts

Team Kaleb shirts have shipped and if you ordered, you should be getting yours very soon! As soon as you get yours, post a pic of you and whoever ordered in your family and tag me! I want to show k all of his supporters! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Last Day

Just finished CT and lab and we are waiting for discharge papers. 
We've had a bit of a hectic morning and I'm really trying to keep it together. 
Dave and Hannah are both sick. They had the cold going around but it's turned to an infection of some sort. I spent the good part of the morning getting them worked in to see Dr C at his office today at 2pm. After we get home, we will have to keep them at a distance until antibiotics kick in. 
The company we use that also delivers cannot get what we need for IVs so we had to get everything switched over to a company based out of the hospital and now we are waiting for them to finish mixing them and bring to our room before we can go. 
Hoping we all get some rest, that I don't get sick and that K is also protected and that Dave and Hannah get better fast. 
Please pray for all of these requests and that we get home soon! 
Thank you to everyone who helped with donor for a day and Diane Hartle for donating today! We raised $868 in 13 days with this fundraiser! 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 12, Tomorrow We are FREEEEE

Just got done with Dr. C and tomorrow we get to go home!
K needs to have an exit chest CT sometime tomorrow and exit blood work and then we can go. Realistically, we likely won't be out of here until the afternoon. Normally, we do exit PFT's (lung function) but because he had surgery on Friday, we won't do them here.  Next week at our follow up appointment on Monday, we will do PFT's and take out his needle. Dr. C wants K to do one more week of home IV's. The good news about that is he will get almost all of spring break off IV's.
I am not sure when K will go back to school as he is still not 100% and needs to catch up on homework. We will play that by ear.
Thank you to our daily donor for today, fellow CF mom, Missy Swafford!
We will do one more daily donor tomorrow as it is our last day on day 13!
Thank you for all the prayers and support! One more week of IV's at home and hopefully we will see some weight go back on our boy!