Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sticks and Stones...

Ok, maybe not sticks but definately stones.

The conclusion is that Kaleb has had or has some kidney stones and that is what his kidney pain was from the other day. They are still monitering his kidneys with blood draws (did another one tonight) and then a chem 8 to check the kidney function.

So far, the kidney function is great which is why they believe the pain is from stones. He has had them before at least one time.

 The craziness has slowed down a bit and we have had some visitors which is such a blessing. It gets hard here really fast when you are cooped up and alone. Visitors are awesome. Thank you also for all the gifts and treats you have blessed us with. Words cannot express our thanks.

He is still pretty junky. Lots of crud and sinus stuff. It is too soon for sinus surgery (it hasn't even been 9 months) so we are looking into some antibiotics and treatments that go up the nose. Ya, K should like that. It is what we must do to keep his lungs healthy and so we push forward.

Hoping to see some turn around here soon in symptoms and how he feels. It usually takes at least as week on the IV's before I notice a difference. His appetite is good and he is getting his energy back.

Dr. L is debating the Toby. He is going to see what the blood tests show but because he is having pain, we are really keeping an eye out and there comes a point where we might stop the Toby if we think there is more risk than benefit and then we will see what other IV we can add. The only problem with that is that sometimes that sets us back a little bit. The jury is still out on that one though.

If you had to guess what food Kaleb is obsessed with right now, what would you guess? He literally has eaten pounds of the stuff since we have been here.
Let me give you some hints....ball park favorite, little prize inside.....
Go ahead, guess!

The daily donor challenge has been amazing. We have raised over $600 so far in 6 days.
Here are the people who have donated so far!
Shout out time!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Green
Eric and Dr. Marcy Clements
Wendall and Amy Fitchner
Dr. Israel and Mary Jo Becerra
Jim and Helen Passmore
Stephanie Schrader
The Alicia Montgomery Family
Dr. and Mrs. Hunt
Cathy Palmer
Nicole and Michael Ezell
Anonymous family friend
Lisa Despain
Jodi Nordstrom
Jamie and Brett Passmore
Brittany Green

We will continue this until we leave, so if you have not had a chance yet, don't worry! We are doing it each day!

I have been able to work on some work stuff since I have been here and some Bunco for a Cure stuff (April 19). Mark your calendars for Bunco, it is going to rock. It will benefit the CF foundation and the Fanconi Anemia foundation again and we raised over $5,000 last year. We are already getting tons of great raffle and door prizes!

Kaleb still amazes me with how tough he is and how sweet he is. Today, he had blood drawn again. He told the phlebotimist that she did "an excellent job" when she drew today and that she was" definately in his top 5 of all people who have drawn blood". He thanked her for listening to him and choosing his "lucky vein" and doing such a great job. He melts my heart. 

Looking forward to seeing some of you soon!

P.S. If you think about it, pray for Abbey, the 8th grade girl from my dad's school that has brain cancer. She has started radiation and chemo and that just stinks.

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