Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Super Bowl, Blood Draws, Pneumonia, and Some Pot Roast.

Super Bowl.
Dang it Niner's.  My Cali roots were cheerin' for ya.
Finally saw Dr. C. It has been wild and crazy up here and he has been busy but I lured him into our room with the last 4 minutes of the Super Bowl on our TV. He was hooked.
After we discussed the game and what he had missed from when it was 28-6 to 31-29, we started in on Kaleb.

Blood Draws.
Kaleb has started on Toby, an IV that we have not done since about 2010 according to Kaleb's impeccable memory. December of 2010 to be exact. That was the stay of 8 blood draws, 6 from his "lucky vein" that he still goes to in crunch times, even today.
Toby is a strong antibiotic but it can be toxic. It can cause kidney damage and hearing loss. Because of this, he has to have blood drawn before and after the 3rd or 4th dose to make sure the levels are not too low or too high. They were too high. So, Tuesday night he has to have blood draws again. He won't like that news when I tell him.
He is also on Zosyn. Toby and Zosyn, come on guys, lets kick this pseudo's booty.
We have been praying together as a family and Kaleb and I have been encouraging each other to speak kindly to all those we come into contact with even when we are sad, discouraged, or frustrated. He was quite upset about having 3 blood draws in two days but we talked about how we could still stay positive and speak kindly to the lady drawing his blood. We prayed before she came each time and he did such a great job keeping a cheerful heart and attitude and being kind. He said please and thank you and even told her she did a good job after she was done. With tears welled up in his eyes, he explained how God was helping him to stay positive after she asked how he was so brave. Love that kid.

The chest x-ray showed some pneumonia and mucus plugging in his lower left lobe which just reaffirms he is supposed to be here and why he had felt so tired, winded, and out of breath the last few weeks (especially at basketball). Those antibiotics will also treat that infection.

Pot Roast.
While we are here, we are trying to focus on the good things. One good thing today was that they had pot roast downstairs in the grill. Pot roast is one of Kaleb's favorite things and when I brought it up to him, he literally hugged me and said I was the best mom ever. We also got to facetime Dave and Hannah and Kaleb has gotten to facetime and text some of his classmates and his best friend Joe came to visit. I am happy Joe came to visit because his mom brought me a razor. Oh, the little things. Despite being in the hospital and having blood drawn, K and I have had a positive day...even if the Niner's lost.

Continue to pray for K and the upcoming labs. Pray these antibiotics clear up his lungs, pseudo and his sinuses. The doc doesn't want to do another sinus surgery because it hasn't even been a year (June is a year). We will do a chest CT on the way out to see how it compares to a few stays ago (checking for damage) and a sinus CT near the end of IV's to see how he is doing but he wants to put surgery off as long as possible. We are concerned that every time we clear up his lungs, the junk in his sinuses is just getting his lungs sick again and he has been having lots of drainage down his throat and headaches. Praying these IV's help and timing with surgery is right, whenever that may be.

Thank you for your support and prayers

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