Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bronch is Done!

We are home and Kaleb is resting. The procedure went well and I was able to stay with K the whole time which apparently isn't normal. I was thankful I could stay as it takes a lot of Meds to keep K under and he stirs and wakes mid-procedure a lot and hearing my voice calms him. It took 5x the Meds to have him stop talking and fighting plus another dose while the scope was in to calm him.
Dr. C was very good at calming K and prayed with us before it started. When K first started getting loopy, he got emotional and asked Dr. C for a hug which he gave, it was very sweet.
I was able to look in the scope and see inside his lungs which was very interesting!
Dr. C said his lungs didn't look all that bad although his mucus was thick (pretty typical). He got a good sample to send to culture and we will get that back in a few days to a week.
After seeing his lungs, doc thinks the sinuses are the real issue. His nasal passages and throat were swollen and red and he has had daily severe headaches. We see the new ENT tomorrow at 1pm to see what he wants. Although Dr C is recommending surgery to clean him out, ultimately it's up to the new doc. Pray we have a solution and K stops having pain.
I will update after tomorrow's appointment and when we have culture results.
Thank you for praying!

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