Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Surgery Update

We are home. Surgery started a little late but only took about an hour. Doc said he had tons of polyps and so he cleaned him all up, flushed and rinsed him all out, and took samples for culture. We should hear back about that in about a week. He decided to remove some bone up in the front to help keep it open. He also put in some steroid stints to keep it all open and prevent swelling and scarring. He said they were brand new on the market and perfect for K. I believe the stints and bone removal is what is causing so much pain. This has been the most pain he has ever had after a sinus surgery. He had two types of pain Meds at the hospital including morphine and is on Loritab at home. If you know K, you know his pain tolerance is high and he rarely takes pain Meds. We are praying he feels better soon. Thank goodness the Hobbit came out today. We have him set up in his room watching and resting. We see the surgeon in about two weeks and Dr. C on Thursday. Thank you for praying.

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