Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You take the good, you take the bad....

We got the results from Kaleb's bronch and sinuses.
Lungs: Resistant colonized pseudo, yeast, and aspergillus (fungus). All of those grow on a regular basis, so I wasn't too surprised. It will take at least a month to get MAC results back to see if its growing. I'm praying not since he has been on the MAC Meds for almost 13 months now. We have to do 24 months with at least 12 if them in a row not culturing. The good news is the growth wasn't a ton and it wouldn't be considered an active infection or severe amount which means our last IVs did their job.
Sinuses: grew severe amounts of colonized pseudo and some staph indicating an active infection within 24 hours of culture. Dr. C said that means the IVs did nothing for his sinuses.
The nose neb is ordered and we will get that and Dr C will let us know what Meds we are going to put up there.
Kaleb is healing from surgery and back at school. Today was his first day off pain Meds and back on Advil.

We will continue to push forward and I want to share some GREAT news about our fundraising because that is making a difference in our battle against CF!

Bunco is almost sold out. We will get final ticket counts tomorrow but we are guessing we maybe have 20-30 tickets left. We have AMAZING raffle items. Today, I picked up a gift certificate worth $3,000..... Yes, $3,000 for laser hair removal for legs (6 sessions) from Face and Body off Riverside Parkway. We aren't messing around folks, this is way more than dessert, Bunco, door prizes, and Bunco prizes. We have some crazy awesome raffle items, over 50 so far.
If you want to come, please tell me ASAP because we will sell out.

In April, Owasso Auto Spa and Gifts is doing a pin up campaign for Team Kaleb/CFF and at least one day where a percentage of their car wash sales go to CF. That day is TBA and I will post when a date is picked! Swing by and get your car washed and support them and CF! Tell your friends, share this info and like their page on FB. Owasso Auto Spa & Gifts is located in Owasso just west of Lowe's on 96th Street in Owasso.

Our pin up campaign from the local TPS school is almost over! I will go back Monday to award prizes and get the total! So excited! Another reason why I am excited is because today I got a call from a parent of some students at this school and local business owner and she is in the works planning a fundraiser for TEAM KALEB to benefit the CFF! She has already contacted several other businesses and they are on board! I will post more info when we get details together, but it will be awesome and raise a ton for CF and lots of businesses have already pledged their support! It will be in May and I can't wait for all the details to come together so I can share it!

Our Thirty-One party was a success and we raised even more than I had posted before with another order that came in!
Hannah is still collecting coins and we have jars at several local places and hope she can raise at least $1,000 this year! She is up to about $300 right now.
We are still selling bracelets and hair bows, contact me if you want one.
We will get our Team Kaleb t-shirt design together soon and then start taking orders! You can order one even if you can't or won't be able to walk. All proceeds go to our walk total.

Thank you for your support and prayers!
We are down to less than 2 months until the walk (May 18) and we are excited to be able to raise so much for a CURE for CF!

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