Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day #3 and CFF Walk

Not a whole lot of news today medically except Kaleb had an ultrasound of his kidneys, liver, and abdomen. First glance report says it is all normal. We are going to talk to Dr. Lee tomorrow. The rest of the tests and labs have not come back yet. Kaleb is still running a low grade fever on and off and is more tired than normal. His cough is still increased and his tummy is still bothering him after eating. His liver enzymes came back elevated and so did his blood sugars, so Monday, we are drawing more labs (via port, thank goodness) to see how they are doing before we do anything else.
We were unable to go to the walk today because we are in here and his ultrasound fell at the same time as the walk. But, we had about 30 or so friends and family show up to walk on our behalf today and Kaleb's best friend accepted our awards in his honor.
I knew we had raised a lot of money and we would be in the running for 1st place (we got 2nd last year on walk day) but I never imagined that not only would we get 1st, but we would be given a new special award called "The Spirit of Lo" award for 'continuing Lo's mission of finding a cure for CF, by going above and beyond in your fundraising efforts'. Lo passed away this last year at the age of 28 and was always a huge fundraiser and advocate for the CF Community. Her family continues her legacy. The award was presented to Team Kaleb by Lo's mom Terry and sister Jane. I was SO BUMMED to miss that (we didn't know we were getting that) but my friends taped it and it made me cry! We also got a certificate at the end of the walk as one of the top 10 fundraisers for our chapter.
Our total so far is $23, 213 (as of walk time) but I have had a few more donations come in, so I know it is going to be higher.
THANK YOU to all our Team Kaleb supporters, donators, prayer warriors, and faithful friends!
Kaleb's best friend Joe and his siblings accepting our "Spirit of Lo" award presented by Lo's sister Jane and mom Terry

Our 1st place certificate from top 10 fundraisers

Kaleb and I at the hospital with our awards

A very awesome sister who has raised almost $1,700 so far in coins for a cure for brother

Team Kaleb 2013! Even though we weren't there, we had some great friends and family walk for us!

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Amy said...

How cool to receive a "Spirit of Lo" award! That's awesome and very special!

I'm so sorry you guys had to miss your walk after all the hard work you put into fundraising. My mother-in-law was there and when she called me afterwards she told me all about Team Kaleb and that you guys were the top team and about how K was in the hospital. I was like, hey I "know" his mom!

Still praying for your family and for Kaleb to feel better.